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  • Hey @USPS & @UPS: Can you tell me what happened to my package? #updatefail
  • @amckeown U can calculate the time in transit by using the following link: https://t.co/3kRaUcBxyv. Let me know if U have questions.^RN @UPS
  • Hey @UPS, my shipment has been in transit for almost two months. Slow down, wouldya!
  • @UPSHelp @UPS sent. here it is too:
  • Pa A
  • UPS stands for: Ultimate Package Stupidity
  • @InFamousFly_ looks like this is scheduled to be delivered today
  • And she changed....
  • @ShopandShip UPS package delivery confirmation: SNS Address: CAI 2606
  • @0Rashad Hey! Last scan was in Dallas, TX. You can find further information on your pkg here>
  • @UPSHelp @UPS
  • @SamsungSupport
  • @notryanberger thanks! It looks like your scheduled delivery is set for Dec 10th
  • #UPS Schneller ;)
  • So help me god, UPS better deliver this tomorrow.
  • @UPS Disappointed that my package didn't arrive on Wednesday and there is no update on website.
  • @MOT_Aether I think a UPS parcel for you may have gone slightly astray...
  • god dammit UPS. :V
  • w00t
  • @justinbieber @pattiemallette Why GenderPAC failed.