Forecasts of solar flares and geomagnetic storms, plus daily animations of the sun.

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  • RT @OmasteWitkowski: I am just stunned by this beauty #moon #photography
  • I am just stunned by this beauty #moon #photography
  • @scorpion18431 Not exactly sure what that is. But, comet Ison is still something to watch for.
  • @Mir4real ah, zie net je tweet! Ze leeft dus nog :).
  • RT @neiltyson: Are you someone who is happy only when worried? Bookmark www.spaceweather.com for Solar Storm & Near Earth Asteroid updates.
  • On February 23, 2013 there were 1381 potentially hazardous asteroids. Something to think about. Or not.
  • Güneşte üst üste güçlü patlamalar gerçekleşiyor...www.spaceweather.com
  • Potentially hazardous asteroids
  • This picture of, I believe Morroco, full moon is amazing! Enjoy
  • Serious sunspot activity lately.
  • @nikfish keep an eye out for aurora. solar storm in progress .maybe visible to southern Australia
  • I like this site. Spaceweather.
  • Veldig kraftigh solstorm eksploderte ut en klasse x sol"flare" rettet mot jorden. Treffer 14 Juli
  • un XFLARES M5 y consigo produjo una tormenta de radiación y los IMF rojo,( sur ) pésimo para el planeta
  • #NOAA forecasters estimate a 75% chance of M-class solar flares and a 20% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.
  • @amzikins then follow these tips.....
  • What's up in space They came from outer space--and you can have one! ....
  • spaceweather =