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  • Photo: sfwfurries: Glaciendrayzeck Dancing Within Sound by naukkluik
  • Photo: By Trias 
  • A beautiful piece done by Jozulf of my sona as a beautiful dancing geisha.
  • @MusicOfLuie you got it! Note me on furaffinity with a reference!
  • Photo: Artist:Kabiner
  • Photoset: Super awesome YCH by a super good, new artist duder!!!...
  • Photo: furrywolflover: https://t.co/cItWkQvmEu
  • Photoset:
  • @ManaOzyFolf
  • Photo :
  • Photo : Art by Aimi
  • mroar
  • Photo: Finally finnished this commission.. it’ll be updates as...
  • A WIP of my fursuit!!! :3
  • @CawDougie yes!!
  • Anyone have a QR reader so they can check this out for me? https://t.co/w8Qk3sj0PT
  • Well here is my friends Ref Sheet. Go give him a watch and a warm welcome!!
  • Omg. SFW adorable little baby wolf pup art doll.
  • Set de fotos: Commissions Open! 10us per character.
  • Foto: Fa
  • Photo: cleanfurry:
  • Apparently my face is now on Tumblr.
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  • also if you want to see me NOT post art www.furaffinity,net/user/dracostreex is where you need to go. 1 of 2