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  • @RBJacobs ...www.fnb.co.za, but that message goes straight to her again and bounces. So I have no idea when anyone can help me??
  • @efi_ella Hi there - this is quite strange. Have you tried to change the password online at the website -www.fnb.co.za
  • @thul01 Check out our BizNetwork offering here: :) Kind regards, RB Jacobs
  • @Reen_cpt Not all merchants have pin technology so do not ask for a pin, see here: RB
  • # Tips on owning a franchising - News - FNB
  • FNB/BER Consumer Confidence 2Q2012 falls sharply. https//www.fnb.co.za/economic-comment/fnb-economic-comment.html
  • @Renegade100 @Llyric_ Telling me you haven't received pour Airtime or Fuel Rewardshttps://www.fnb.co.za/fuelrewards/index.html? Let me know
  • @JVamcas <html><i><a href="www.fnb.co.za">please click on the link and BUY UR OWN CREDIT</a></i></html> :D
  • FNB maps technology trends and technology adoption - News - FNB: FNB maps technology trends and technology adopt...
  • @Lee_Sello We have a number of savings accounts -https://www.fnb.co.za/savings-accounts/index.html Use link to see minimum deposits.
  • FNB top bank of top websites hosted in Africa - News - FNB
  • @atsmath Hey there, you can find out all App info at this linkhttps://www.fnb.co.za/fnbapp/banking-app.html and this number 087 575 0362 Thx
  • FNB Fund introduces online data system to Hospices countrywide...https://www.fnb.co.za/news/archive/2012/20120511fnb-hospices.html