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  • @jonvales Sorry my bad, yes Exchange is SSL yes and no to Client Certificate. ^LD
  • @shawhelp I'm trying to set up an exchange server on MS Outlook using as the server but it's not working. Help!
  • @DavidWarawa Have you tried sending emails through our Webmail service ^Buddy
  • @AdaptiveSlayer Also every day Postmaster tells me quota warning who exactly is Postmaster incredimail or webmail shaw.ca!!!
  • @AAntrobus Hi! Are you able to access the @shaw.ca email address you're using through our webmail here: https://t.co/pWc8C8u79W ^AG
  • @BrentDargis Did you test to insure you are able to log into Webmail? ^LD
  • @Charm37 Hi there, are you able to log into the @shaw.ca email address you're using through our webmail here:
  • @McLeanIT Thank you, to test the email address are you able to access Webmail using it? Thank you. ^Buddy
  • @Charm37 Do you have an @ Shaw email address & password already. If so, please check that its working here: ^AJ
  • @Charm37 Is asking for your email address & email password? If yes & doesn't accept it, please test those here: ^AJ
  • @pamellalee Does this message appear when you log into your email through our webmail page here: https://t.co/pWc8C8u79W ^AG
  • @pamellalee With internet you can go to to check you emails online now. ^AJ
  • @shelorafromvict Hello Shelora. Are you receiving an error? Are you able to log into your Webmail? ^LD
  • @ksidhu21 Hi Kamal, No email issues showing at this time. are you able to log in at https://t.co/1ardTv7sTg ? ^AJ
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  • @ahmedthebanker Can you sign into with that email? If not, try updating the password at ^PG
  • @pinkcovereddew Are you able to sign into and send yourself and email and receive it there? ^PG
  • @edmobri you can always access Shaw.ca addresses through our webmail portal here: ^AG
  • Shaw Webmail 2.0: Inbox (1573) https://t.co/guvPjq2Q Would political and financial leaders be willing to think this radically?