"Based on the lyric (and alternate title) "Big Ideas: Don't get any" I grouped together a collection of old redundant hardware, and placed them in a situation where they're trying their best to do something that they're not exactly designed to do, and not quite getting there."
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  • Ha ha ha ha ha #DREAMSTATES <2 hrs left
  • 'Faith doesn't make things EASY, it makes them POSSIBLE...' See how by our brothers' faith, their promise came:
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  • ブーゲンヴィリア Wedding 〜いつのよまでも〜 待ちかねていたパイロット版ムービーがUPされました。...
  • check out "century: 100 years of type in #design trailer" #typography #aiga #typedesign #chicago >31july
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  • As promised to the students who came to my Broadway cass today, here is a video of the choreography that we...
  • RT @bakedandwiredDC: This Friday @7pm brought to you by ESHOVO
  • RT @Mofeed_n: مذيع إنجليزي يناقش يهودي ويفحمه حول أحقية اليهود بإغتصاب أرض ليست لهم، ولا يملك الإنجليز الحق في منحها لليهود. مترجم
  • RT @sermsin_s: ที่คั่นหนังสือเตือนความจำ: สามารถส่งทวีตมาเตือนเราให้กลับมาอ่านหนังสือในภายหลัง
  • RT @BBHNewYork: Can't wait for GFBM 2014 to kick off in one week! Check out this video to see the impact it had on our 2013 alums: https://…
  • Urban Isolation
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  • TT_TT I've cried,,,so sweet!! "Stydia ❤" de @delializhet #Vimeo #dylanoapostrophebrien #hollandroden #teenwolf
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  • "@MusicaVivaAU: Andrew Aronowicz shares his passion for chamber music in the new episode of Chamber Music & Me.
  • ที่คั่นหนังสือเตือนความจำ: สามารถส่งทวีตมาเตือนเราให้กลับมาอ่านหนังสือในภายหลัง
  • The password on unlocks this video, which has the script-finding instructions: https://t.co/n5NDeQ49qI
  • Big Fish / Matrix. Funny Vid.
  • This is one of my best friends in the whole world, making the world more awesome:
  • RT @15MBcn_int: The Water Crisis in #Detroit, told by Detroiters VIDEO https://t.co/Jwwf134Ppq
  • وداعاً ديمبا با 💙 يستحق كل الحب والتقدير والاحترام.. خير من يمثل الاسلام في اوروبا قبل ان يكون لاعب #ThankYouDemba
  • حصرياً: نقدم لكم فيلم وثائقي مترجم للدون ألفريدو دي ستيفانو. الجزء الثاني 2/3 (ملاحظة: الوثائقي 3 أجزاء).
  • Follow @tuhiki & Retweet! Winner chosen at 20:00 to win queue jump and free entry for 5 people and bottle of vodka!
  • FİLİSTİN gibiyim, her yanıma bombalar yağıyor. içimde ölen ölene. ve şimdi KAN damlıyor yüreğimden. -
  • Impresionante. Así fue el Mundial de #Messi para la #BBC #Miralo #ParaLosQueDicenQueNoJugóEnLaFInal
  • Perdónalos Leo! #SosEl1 RT @cruzpereyra: Para los que dicen que Messi no jugo nada, no puso nada, #noentiendennada https://t.co/eKXGHCdX0n
  • ¿Ya vieron este video? Está buenísimo #VamosMexico @miseleccionmx
  • I just added "2007년 09월 09일 사도행전 9:1-9 "하늘로부터 빛이" (설교 : 이재�...
  • RT @e_Ucare: Industrial Design student developed musical cushion connecting patients with mid-late #dementia and their relatives:
  • A quienes creen que Messi tuvo una mala final, les recomiendo ver este seguimiento:
  • I’m using @WakeAlarm, the most beautiful alarm for iPhone. Guaranteed to wake you up! - WATCH:
  • RT @medadotorg: Hear the climbers first thoughts just before they headed out on the #MEDAclimb journey up #Kilimanjaro:
  • RT @macov_net: Оффтоп: российский художник нарисовал город из «Футурамы» в 3D. Выглядит изумительно
  • RT @Alrealon: I just liked "The Inner Life of God / The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit (Preview)" on Vimeo:
  • Futurama em 3d
  • I just uploaded "Thomas Forsyth - Dewars Whiskey Installation (Testing the gears teaser)" to Vimeo:
  • RT @genki_sudo: DyDoのロシアキャンペーンのキャラクターになりました!みてくださいな(^o^)/ https://t.co/Dd5qSclMp7
  • Estoy usando @WakeAlarm, la alarma más hermosa para iPhone. ¡Te despertará seguro! - MIRA:
  • COAGULO en Granate Galeria / Partner DGCV™ este sábado 19 de Julio desde las 20hs. //MUESTRAN Carolina Berro...
  • RT @kaseyyy_11: It shock me that over 2000 people have watched"Same Love"But if you haven't yet go watch it now! #ELLENWATCHOURDANCE http:…
  • Our 7th release is Samuel Wright's Sound of the Clouds on a poem of Aristophanes, check https://t.co/L3zm8dovdr and donate!
  • 7.17 アサデス9時代 ふざけて監督に怒られる丸ちゃんww
  • Aşkım Lambda Partisi......#BaHoZ
  • The trailer for The Spirit Level film has just been released: Please watch and share. This is so important.
  • OMG can u believe this is a piece of art? sculpture by Keng Lye.talented, isn't he?
  • Check out "Fire and Ice - Hotcakes" on Vimeo #Vimeo #kino #hotcakes #fireandice #emmasanderson #joshwheatley
  • I just liked "iPhone 5S Ad - Metal Mastered" on Vimeo:
  • Untitled
  • I just uploaded "20070916-logos-256k" to Vimeo:
  • RT @theEcoMuseum: "Penny In Yo Pants" #pennyinyopants #cyclehack #bikeablestyle #skirts #womencycling
  • Y este sábado por la tarde-noche estaremos en la fiesta de Las Canteras ;-) Ah... Y el domingo a mediodía...
  • RT @katarrhaktes: my remix of @liecraze now has an accompanying video, which can be seen on both #vimeo and #youtube.
  • RT @ALargeEvilCorp: Look out! It's our latest #EVIL Corp ident - https://t.co/4H2fiR2itT #cg #claymation #animation