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  • Memories.
  • Does someone has an account on ??
  • @_LisaaM lisandra, tu tem conta no
  • GENTE algm tem contano nao consigo griar de jeito nenhum e minha antiga nao lembro a senha :(
  • E eu pensava que eu era desocupada.
  • @carliee_anne to the
  • @HerHeartIsBare or here: :D
  • @LapOfTheGods_84 @BowiesSlut @CosImmaRebel Lets make Halloween Epic with the SHOWER SCENE!
  • Lembro quando completamos um milhão de vendas dos jogos, foi festança no
  • @LsaKh
  • Is fun too? Idk. Gonna play it and see :)
  • "tradução" da lingua do the sims
  • @gettsleazy enjoy
  • @TheJalopedics
  • @Jaanoskianss
  • on people could make sims stories and i used to read them all day
  • @thecaatsmeeow start practicing. i expect us to have full conversations by the end of october :)
  • this shouldnt be as funny as it is
  • Windows Vista n'est pas compatible avec TheSims2 et je ne sais pas quoi télécharger pour pouvoir jouer. #Help #RT #Sims
  • On m'a dirigé ici mais qu'est-ce que je dois télécharger ?