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  • @Doyukoto The research we've done so far suggests it is in fact a driver issue. We did find the drivers at (cont.)
  • https://t.co/IjyJ1U87Ym this looks logical lets go
  • @Jeremy_LaMont Seems relevant?
  • полезная статья https://t.co/mz2KmHsXdt
  • @KeithWFF Possibly, i'm just thinking about it atm here's specs regardless btw you know when dnd might be starting?
  • มีสร้างมาอีกหลายสำนัก... Sigmatel 92XX Driver https://t.co/LcOeFJLElH
  • @BaileyDoctor I think it should be this website. Choose your product from the lists.
  • @Cik_Caphaaa
  • Ok, gang, it's time to get serious about getting rid of my old portables. I'll use these descriptions to list...
  • Unable to boot 12.10 AMD64 Live USB on GT5436E: This is my hardware
  • @KeithTMaxwell
  • @otaku710 เลือกหัวข้อ Aplicationนะ เลื่อนลงมามันจะมีcamera 3อัน ในนั้นจะมียุอันนึงที่ใช้ได้ ลองดู
  • @ReallyTom
  • Did I miss something? Working on a friends pc & have to go to for emachines drivers. When did Gateway buy emachines?
  • @tmorosco The DX4870-UB318 supports up to 3 hard drives: via @agent3012
  • @Bionicman6 This is a hardware issue that could be resolved by Gateway at Let us know if this helps you out ! ^NY
  • @MrKidd_ lol
  • @annemaneja13 Eto Link ng Mga Drivers for Netbook mo te | | Hanapin mo nalang mga need mo. :)
  • @molotovmx Y nop, checa la página y no aparecen los controladores para ese modelo. Se brinca del 40 al 42
  • @ExquiziteXBL Hey i need you help, I have this monitor, and i dont know if I can hook up comvert. cables, this is it