Includes basic rules and advice on grammar, usage, and mechanics. Informative tips regarding perspective and style. Explains the differences between erotica vs. pornography.

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  • And it's up! Chapter 70, for your enjoyment: Happy T-day (you can sneak off and read it after dinner)
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  • @StaciStallings-it was the worst day in the life of the Wheelchair Lady until she met the big city reporter -
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  • The story of hard lives & wheelchairs & the best hamburgers in the state of Florida - Time Wounds All Heels -
  • Time Wounds All Heels- they called her a saint, but she knew she had committed the sin that drove Lucifer from Heaven-
  • The story of a good woman on the worst day of her life-until the big city reporter showed up...and everything changed.
  • The Wheelchair Lady - she hadn't had a good life, but she'd made a good life in the romance "Time Wounds All Heels"
  • A story written about me, for me!
  • See Mike & Emily hook-up. At least my erotica cells still work. I've read 1000s, experienced none. Get what you can.
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  • In an effort to try and cheer myself up, I've posted a new chapter of Avatar: Enjoy.
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