Laws of New York

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  • RT @AnthonyCumia: RT @jsimpsonDC -I know u can't have +5 rnd feed in NYC. Not sure of disposition rules. Regardless…
  • @AnthonyCumia @Krommsan
  • @sidfernando in NY we have the law to prosecute drug cheaters w a felony. Yet we don't. Laws of NY @NYSGamingComm
  • Thanks to Melanie Javarone for sharing this great information on Ag and Markets Laws in New York..... VERY good...
  • @TUCapCon @NYDNHammond The results posting is debuting as a result of this law
  • @DavidHowardKing I'd like to think its due to the new streamlined return of canvass procedures passed in 2012
  • This is something that every state should do for models under the age of 18!
  • @powellnyt @snjacobs @Naparstek Already presumed crime for cyclist to endanger ped on sidewalk, extend to motorists:
  • Curious: Are NYC shared bikes street legal? Law says must have bell/horn, and after dusk, white headlight:
  • NY Civil Rights law
  • @anthonyamarrone Thanks! And thanks for the tip—is this the Surrogate's Court Procedure Act you're talking about?
  • Laws of New York / Fictitious transactions in securities
  • @JimmyVielkind Yeah, that site's on a time delay because they sell it on LRS. Try going here -
  • Correct. Try this link, and click on text for Revenue bill (just came up):
  • @JimmyVielkind Search budget here, and the whole list comes up among others - they fall together in sequence...
  • @YourAnonNews Think that is bad. crime if you annoy anyone in NY. Even just one communication, for example twitter.
  • Oops ~@JPedde: Look at #10 -- it's apparently a misdemeanor in NY to share a photo of your ballot! Oops. #election2012
  • @Trizzle315 From New York's own website: (Still no. 10)