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  • Resurgence of Persisting Non-Cultivable Borrelia burgdorferi following Antibiotic Treatment in Mice
  • Get better email alerts on new research #siiamember @pubget #siia -
  • L-form bacteria (no cell walls) have a messy, primitive way of reproducing, read more in Science
  • @Fooly_Cooly Creo que este es el paper @omalaled
  • New research suggests that psychopaths don't lack empathy, but are able to switch it on and off
  • Creepy or cool? Scientists have successfully created a false memory in lab mice that was naturally recalled later
  • Study in Science looks at word-of-mouth, or diffusion. Interesting findings about how people use and spread info
  • 過去の栄光(というほどでもないが)置いときますね 
  • Mars Attacks! Unusual Pandoraviruses that are 1000x the size of the flu virus may have celestial origins!
  • Zhang R. Antipsychotics and venous thromboembolism risk: a meta-analysis. Pharmacopsychiatry 44:183 (2011) #pubget
  • A one click free website for getting pdf's of journal articles:
  • via @scicurious new paper shows complexity of oxytocin, in the nematode it promotes learning. More than a love hormone
  • Great resource for finding publications and references for those of you who publish or search the medical literature.
  • Dry ice & silver iodide to control hurricanes? That's what the gov's Project Stormfury aimed to test. #Sandy
  • Required reading #overconfidence
  • Study says that political ideology is correlated with how strict or nurturing one's parents are. Paper:
  • How romantic, Sumatran orangutans travel far just to find a mate (and prevent inbreeding). Paper:
  • Science is stranger than fiction: Next time you complain of allergies, be thankful you have both lungs