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  • Romans 8:20-21 Commentary -
  • Precept Austin - Free Bible study charts, outlines & commentaries:
  • This is the best resource out there for free to analyze scripture at the verse level and deeper use it wisely
  • @pastorbscott seen this commentary repository? Also helpful.
  • @BibChr Did you already know about these resources on Proverbs?
  • Great site for how to do in-depth Bible study
  • In the Bible, a present imperative is not a suggestion but a command. (i.e. Gal 6:1, Romans 12:2, Eph 4:25)
  • Scroll ~20% of the way down the page for Spurgeon's comments on "that day", Matthew 7:22. Puts things in perspective.
  • <- awesome website that teaches about the various names of God and how they each represent a part of His character!
  • @thoughtpicker & Love you.
  • for serious Disciples seeking a deep relationship with our Father. "CAUTION" will improve your marraige,health & job!
  • @chefsongbird Get in some great study materials. Become a student.
  • Commentary #SaltoftheEarth
  • @jacobkschneider Good resources: We are taught to read the passage and what is around it. Pick out repeat words
  • Spirit of the LORD - Ezekiel was carried by the Spirit, and set down in a valley filled with dry bones. Spirit...
  • Phil 2:9 Why is Jesus Lord? "voluntary act of supreme self-renunciation God also supereminently exalted Him" #mcheyne
  • @ChrisWalker1 scroll down to the ps 24:7-11 devo from Moody Bible Institute:
  • NUMBERS RESOURCES UPDATED - added multiple commentaries, sermon series, etc. Nu 6:24 Jehovah bless you & keep you
  • RT @preceptaustin: NEW HEBREW WORD STUDY= dabaq = cleave, Ge 2:24 "man...shall cleave ("stick like glue") to his wife" Ru1:14 "Ruth clung"
  • NEW HEBREW WORD STUDY= dabaq = cleave, Ge 2:24 "man...shall cleave ("stick like glue") to his wife" Ru1:14 "Ruth clung"