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  • What could go wrong, right?
  • Seems like a hoax, but it could be real:
  • RT @dansinker: whoa. RT @KateGardiner: $40k a year to attend Harvard University as me #gigs #seriously
  • RT @AlexHortonTX: Ugh why didn't I think of this two years ago
  • RT @KYColC: Markets in everything: Harvard student fraud edition. cc @tylercowen
  • MT @paperhaus Best job listing ever? $40K a year to attend Harvard as someone else (men only)”
  • Ballsy move dude, reeeeal ballsy. RT @MattKuzma: Nice work if you can get it:
  • RT @Oostveenm: Roman-materiaal RT@apjvalk: "40.000 dollar verdienen? Ik zoek iemand die een jaar naar Harvard wil. Onder mijn naam.
  • RT @parul_sehgal: ATTN Tom Ripley MT @paperhaus Best job listing ever? $40K to attend Harvard as someone else (men …
  • RT @KateGardiner: $40k a year to attend Harvard University as me #gigs #seriously
  • Wuaah!? MT @zackseward Some guy in Pittsburgh says he got into Harvard & will pay someone $40K/year to go 'as him'
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  • Dear Santa, I've been really good! Check this ride out! #NASCAR
  • Pretty dramatic series of posts from a scorned mistress proceeding to notify the cheating man's wife, employer, etc.
  • *Rare car* 1972 Pontiac Catalina Convertible (Uniontown area) $4500
  • @ClassicGameRoom Pinball, beer, n'at
  • panera bread pediatrics - m4w 33yr: Seen you both places both of us smiling I enjoyed the moment you s... #misdme
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  • Found our new house @jayseekay