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  • At https://t.co/KUXsrldwil
  • @nevinsp You can use the reference number on the proof of payment and click on the verify payment tab here:
  • RT @Nedbank: SARS PHISHING SCAM WARNING! Nedbank has identified a SARS phishing scam currently targeting clients via email:
  • Always ensure that the URL address of Nedbank internet banking website is https://t.co/hpWY7WNbeX
  • @Molokolove You will have to be on internet banking so that you can get a profile number and Pin. Register here: https://t.co/ZxBYGLSm.
  • @PonyasThabang You will need to register first in order to get a profile number. You can do it here:https://t.co/ZxBYGLSm
  • @hallassa https://t.co/d9OalMIw
  • @Dzemluck Hi, logon to the internet banking site to get the passkey and activate it. Let us know if you get it right.
  • @JankieM You need to logon on to internet banking here: to get the passkey and activate the app.
  • @JankieM Hi, click on the following link to download the app and logon to to get your passkey.
  • @shibambu Hi, you can get the passkey via to activate the Banking NedApp on your iPad.
  • @Saint_LK Hi, downloaded it here: and get the passkey via our internet banking site Let us know.
  • @wolfen351 Hi Ian, here you go:
  • Netbank Internet Banking
  • @lisaboswell777 https://t.co/TwD7E8tf
  • @wolfen351 Hi there - our internet banking url is https://t.co/ZxBYGLSm
  • @ibmxt Please check https://t.co/8v7L1ji4