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  • SENIORS: Check the status of your CAL GRANT at https://t.co/a2absleHJu
  • @_itslupitaa Did you list USC on your FAFSA? RE:your managing ur Cal Grant:Set up a WebGrants4Students account at
  • @CamisadoPursuit
  • @Alooloo_ Here is the link for the Cal Grant status: https://t.co/HTaOa4YJQD
  • @jeennssss Sometimes you might've not been awarded yet. Check their website https://t.co/NxqX8avg
  • @LAlienLex https://t.co/kP0HwIoA
  • @_EdoubleS go to https://t.co/kP0HwIoA create an account and they'll ask you when you graduated and if you pass the cashee
  • Here you go habibi https://t.co/vbyKO1Y7 @drunkfred86
  • Is this website a scam: https://t.co/kzXqkTEZ? :