Includes registration and title information, plate samples, insurance, forms, manuals and search for county tax offices.
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  • @itsjentastic @Jbova17 @ATL_DP I'm pleased to announce...
  • Need a disability parking hang tag for someone in your care? Complete and submit the attached app to local tag office
  • Next time I'm home, I'm getting this!
  • NOTICE: Changes in the New Title #Tax: Fair Market Value for New Motor Vehicles: #Georgia DOR
  • @thrashboy State of GA re-did the @AT_Conservancy plate. Looks awesome.
  • SegĂșn la nueva normativa, cada persona que compre un auto nuevo o usado a partir de este 01 de marzo, tendra que...
  • Georgia Title Ad Valorem Tax Fee Informational Bulletin Annual Ad Valorem Exemption Opt-In Effective March 1, 2013
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  • Glad to see GA Dept of Revenue has a half-working website. Very helpful, guys.
  • @dsokol get a GaSou Plate: