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  • @TriciaFarwell Hi! These 2 cannot be installed on 1 PC. To make your decision easier please find comparison table
  • @WaWaChoy We have 2 datacenters, one in the United States and another one in Europe.More information you can get here
  • こうは書いてあるが価格.comでは対応してないという書き込みがちらほら\True Image 2013 by Acronis: GPT および UEFI のサポート | Knowledge Base
  • @fcismint Hi Mohamed, if your memory card is detected by BIOS as a bootable device, you can try doing this:
  • @clabnet Unfortunately, you can't. Please refer to this article for more information
  • @cawebhosting, please refer to this article: Please let us know if we can provide you additional assistance.
  • @SrPerex, Hi Jorge, unfortunately ATIH 2012 does not support Windows 8 at this time. For more info, please refer here:
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  • @gonzague @acronis you should be able to do that by logging into your account. See here for details:
  • @K00L_DUDE We use a different file format which must be recovered from within the software. Try:
  • @K00L_DUDE Sorry you're having difficulties. These resources might help:
  • @Nisesabtz 急な電プチでwindowsが立ち上がらないのならブートローダが逝ってる可能性があります(
  • @Nokia_Fan You may try checking your Windows settings Or, try this workaround Keep us updated
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