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  • @JessicaBiel Sign up for Global Entry Program, to ALWAYS get TSA PreCheck. Some AMEX cards will reimburse the cost: https://t.co/tgj98eiUqv
  • We have confirmed our next Global Entry Date here at Plaza Travel!! Please join us Wednesday, September 17, 2014...
  • The spirit of web design circa '98 is alive and kicking over at the US Global Entry site: https://t.co/fF8bqMl7g6 Spacer gifs!!
  • @SarahLauch Here's where you go for Global Entry if you're interested: https://t.co/5kWXAopNv3. Hope you have a better day Sarah.
  • @dannaharrick Todos los miembros de #GlobalEntry automáticamente reciben el beneficio de TSA PreCheck. Más info https://t.co/GXLxoduoWu
  • Some useful information for those of you who travel -as US citizen or as Resident, get your TSA precheck...
  • Good news: #ABTC is up and running in the US and I just submitted my application.
  • RT @USEmbPAN: Preguntas Más Frecuentes Sobre el Sistema Mundial de Inscripción en Línea #GlobalEntry https://t.co/GXLxoduoWu
  • Preguntas Más Frecuentes Sobre el Sistema Mundial de Inscripción en Línea #GlobalEntry https://t.co/GXLxoduoWu
  • @VigiLaniado Hola. Aquí hay info detallada sobre el proceso https://t.co/GXLxoduoWu
  • @KCQD Aquí hay info para programar su cita https://t.co/xDfoiQfiJs
  • .@CustomsBorder, @AmChamSingapore will hold 3-day interview event for APEC Biz Travel Card Sep 9-11. Apply via GOES: https://t.co/wfnT0vP17V
  • On our recent trip with Hayley to her orientation at Hayley and her father were randomly...