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  • Looking through past history of Michigan soccer clubs. 3 connections with DCFC on one other club.
  • @Intra_Historia @el_pais There wans never ever a Palestinian State till 2012
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  • #IndiaWithIsrael as soldiers of Karnataka, Telangana & Rajasthan liberated Israel from Turks.
  • I've very upset Morgan Tookers is not listed on this. @ikebarinholtz
  • By not having a head injury protocol, FIFA put Kramer's career--and life--in danger. Second impacts kill:
  • NATIONAL FRENCH FRIES DAY. Today. Get some Ketchup!!
  • Israel is the second-largest military partner of India after Russia. #IndiaWithIsrael
  • - inikah yg terjadi? "In politics, disinformation is the deliberate attempt to deflect voter support of an opponent"
  • "defenestration"、プラハ窓外投擲事件以外の用例あるのかと思っていたら、LinuxをインストールするためにPCからWindowsを除去することをdefenestrationと表現することがあるらしい。
  • Of course, "火腿纹" was just text in the article .. still that last character caught my eye (wrongly).
  • USA made the Japs eat whale & US made $ out of Jap whale oil. Now US oil $$$$ tells Japs not to eat whale #adelaide
  • 그럼 카테고리 1은 뭐냐고? GHB(수사물 미드 보면 많이 나오는 일명 '데이트 강간 마약'), LSD, 헤로인, 기타 등등 사람 한 방에 골로 보내기 딱 좋은 마약들.
  • @UrsulaV @PFoxen @howardtayler Husband thinks possibly some form of Xylaria ( .
  • 그리고 암페타민이 메스암페타민(필로폰)처럼 해롭지는 않다고 드립치는 것들이 있는데, 뭔 말도 안 되는 소리야. 미국 규제약물법 분류기준에서 암페타민이 카테고리 2에 들어가는데, 코카인이나 펜타닐이랑 동급이여.
  • See this ! :O Fr. is on Wikipedia ! O.o
  • @ZayrRn @Kalhukoe kidding me right?? Do a goggle search.. Here I will help you, LINK: or HERE:
  • @kilroyfirelizrd @silverautomatic I'd need a Kel-Tec PF-9 like what my dad has to fully CC without extra clothing.
  • #DidYouKnow that critics called Kylie Minogue's 2004 single "Red Blooded Woman" similar to the works of American...
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  • RT: @pmarca: 4/the most interesting instance of one-bit communication is the global "missed call" phenomenon:
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  • RT @DaPoiDog: @wonderfullone Yes, she's far too competitive for her own good. Someone will put her in her place in
  • Steele will fit into the #aleague very nicely with his ink -
  • Julius Caesar was born in Rome, probably on July 12 or 13, 100 B.C.
  • @PatMcClendon I need to find "March on Washington, Inc." to get permission to use here: https://t.co/uizMDUKU2Q
  • @BlueJaigEyes Good point. I just did some mild research, and it looks like there's been controversy on the subject
  • the sound of my old man's Mac c. 1992 #nerdstuff #soundsofmychildhood
  • famous trans girl punkster...going to see her this coming Saturday @...
  • RT @zlntx: #OneIslam, Worldwide 71 Jamaica Trevor transforms into Abdullah,then feels need to murder Jews