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  • Atoms
  • So Krypton is an actual element. .0001% in earths atmosphere & when mixed argon makes a greenish yellow glow.
  • SNC1D hw for Thursday: learn first 36 elements; https://t.co/NyqckJ39Tr & do quiz at complete trends handouts
  • @TheBrightEffect @SciencePorn
  • the inaccessible in jokes of particle physicists
  • Weird how it's easier for some to believe an atom exists yet they've never seen one. Where is the evidence?
  • The #ProtonSpinCrisis has a few important pieces: 2. Protons contain 3 quarks: 2 ups & 1 down.
  • @PaulReverePress Paul, this stuff seems dangerous- what info do you have that I should read?
  • RT @knowladgeispwr: Dry Ice is Toxic Please R/T https://t.co/OTJqUhvGNu @RachelsNews @PaulReverePress @gretawire ht…
  • Dry Ice is Toxic Please R/T https://t.co/OTJqUhvGNu @RachelsNews @PaulReverePress @gretawire
  • Do your students need help balancing equations? Check out this website: #edchat #science
  • @princesspizzza Go to Select 10 problems.
  • everyone is as chem is in my prayers tonight. have this
  • Someone create this using. I dont have the money too. Magnetic rims on vehicles. To produce electricity for batterys.
  • Check it out!!
  • Questions and answers: How do atoms form?
  • #HonChem Here is where you can practice more p/n/e math. Finish that lab report for Monday!
  • Who wants to play a lab game? Lab Equipment Vocabulary Hangman! Just don't let your boss finding you playing...
  • @the_schnepfe and look up your element
  • Another resource.
  • @JeffRubinShow @streetseidell @eaxford Re: latest Jeff Rubin show. Confirmed. 8x10^67 (cards) vs. 1.3x10^50 (atoms).
  • #what is the universe: Followed by stupidity
  • RT @Blubdha: It's Elemental #WIPP Americum-241 … Half-life of 432.2 years
  • @basedzae1 @grrizzIy actually jet fuel can get hot enough to weaken and deform steel
  • @TimeLordOmega Even, however, this theory, does not meat facts. The structure was specifically designed to ~
  • @CHBilhorn @voxdotcom is lots of debates to be had around them. Here is some info that says Spain at a quick google
  • How do I remove the enamel on copper magnet wires? Thnaks! #howto
  • @sillymezz ik was een plaatje aan het zoeken van be genius of unbelievable facts en die beweerde dat mensen uit...
  • RT @TCM_at_NCTM: Let's play the Game of NIM
  • Let's play the Game of NIM
  • @Pavel_Blurry
  • Calling all teachers within 50 miles of Newport News, Virginia! Jefferson Lab is happy to share that the...