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  •  I'm just wondering how to get that corrected as the phone reps or 'Internet Chat' support people have no idea...
  • This is EXACTLY what I did on June 24 - still on my effing bill!! How to Return Comcast Equipment
  • @VandyGold21 Please visit the follow site for that information:
  • RT @acbnational: Comcast customers can order large print or braille channel guides call 8552700379
  • @jmurdermc2006 that is correct we no longer provide back up battery you can go to this link
  • Comcast customers can order large print or braille channel guides call 8552700379
  • My favorite page on Comcast’s website: https://t.co/3OnNsQdAkp Kinda sums up the whole experience in a tidy package. /cc @comcastcares
  • HD Networks Changing from East Coast to West Coast Primetime Programming Hours Start 7/15/14 https://t.co/P7vvAKzRxr
  • @CuzClydeCan as well as online I apologize about the misunderstanding.
  • FYI - @XFINITY "Internet Data Usage Plans" from @Comcast are overage policies, not plans. #nothappy
  • @5footsomethin you can go to
  • @comcast spreading data usage cap/fee & is boldly lying about. Says no data cap in place yet
  • @randycraft23 Try this
  • Ways to Get Help from Comcast
  • @KatelynGames Comcast called my grandpa and gave me a Copyright Alert. Here's what it is:
  • @JoshPhillips Use this link to view the compatible modems