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  • Using the Charas generator to build my working character art for #BaconGameJam.
  • @Sam_Bbury You don't need an account. At the top of the page:
  • @Sam_Bbury I made it using an online generator for that specific type of sprite.
  • @IndieGamerChick The tree:
  • @david_edelhart this?
  • The charas project, free sprites for your games!
  • @malek86 Look: It's a great databank for RPG Maker materials.
  • @xyfemzy
  • A sneak peak at my next NBA-related project
  • love looking at sprites from old games :)
  • たまには外国サイト巡りもしてみるもんだね! 外国なのはやはり心配だが、これはなかなか使えそうなサイトだ 【キャラチップジェネレータ】
  • @KaloTriple7YT Kalo si estás con RPG maker esto te será de mucha utilidad :P
  • Pokemon TCG: same game as we played then?: Pokemon TCG: same game as we played then? ... Though, I really did en...
  • This is a really neat idea:
  • RT @leomargo: Tomá @aguaspeligrosas Rock & Roll Racing para todos
  • Tomá @aguaspeligrosas Rock & Roll Racing para todos