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  • Introducing: Luft – A premium HTML/CSS template: Today it is time to announce template #100 on andreasviklund.co...
  • New: the first premium template, Luft. Responsive, grid-based, light and clear design. Read more:
  • @andreasjohanson Jag får också sådana mail (om än från andra) för I sällsynta fall följs mailen upp av ursäkter.
  • @andreasviklund Hi, when I try to donwload the Wordpress theme Andreas01 - I get error 404 - can you help?
  • New blog post: , about adding stock photos and graphics design resources to
  • Thanks @andreasviklund for tutorial build web with template & thanks for templates :D . Good ,
  • Thanks @andreasviklund for tutorial buil web with template & thanks for templates :D . Good ,
  • #wordpress
  • @helenPmartin You can see a development version of the WP-theme at
  • @helenPmartin I'm currently working on a WP-theme based on this template: . Close enough?
  • WordPress 3.4 is released: Just a moment ago, the official WordPress blog announced the release of WordPress ver...
  • Look at - That's amazing! Isn't it?
  • Do you know the website No? Look this
  • New CSS template: Inland Hembygd
  • New free CSS template: Inland Hembygd (Swedish for "place of origin"):
  • WordPress 3.4 RC1 has been released
  • Grabbed a new homepage template from a great designer!
  • @andreasviklund kommer Inland komma som wp-tema?
  • Bold and emphasized text in the Inland CSS template
  • :)