Handles and reports air travel problems and complaints, offers aviation travel tips and publications, lists recent airline service cessations, and has links to each airline's customer service plan.
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  • Did you know airline Customer Service issues can be reported to DOT? @delta @DeltaAssist
  • Today's #travel tip: Lost baggage? File a complaint w/ DOT. Incidents are compiled into annual reports. #Statistics
  • RT @frankingeneral: @UnitedGlitch Got a response from DOT this AM asking for my confs, if you haven't, file a complaint
  • @phenrycissp You can file a complaint with the Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement division of DOT
  • RT @GobiernoUSA: Averigua cómo presentar una queja sobre el servicio aéreo:
  • Averigua cómo presentar una queja sobre el servicio aéreo:
  • Learned @delta flight was delayed b/c of an illness from at LEAST 5 hrs 45 minutes earlier just filed complaint at
  • @coriewhalen the Air Passengers Bill of Rights limits time on tarmac delays.
  • The September U.S. Air Travel Consumer Report is out from the DOT.
  • @zvdchile @jschaulsohn US DOT rules:
  • @RuggeAlessandro Government does
  • @MichaelMParsons You can file a formal complaint against @SpiritAirlines with the Dept of Transportation here:
  • This is a good reference for us who like to know what carrier has the most complaints. #Indy @INDairport #Aviation
  • @Johnkraps @AmericanAir did the same thing to me ding em where it counts here
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