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  • 1646 Park Avenue has records, though #EastHarlemExplosion
  • interestingly, the city's dept of finance database shows no records on 1644 Park Avenue. block is 1622, lot is 35
  • RT @danarubinstein: @wjn90 go to this website: and search under block number 887 and lot number 84. you will find th…
  • @wjn90 go to this website: and search under block number 887 and lot number 84. you will find the feed for $15.8 M.
  • #Tennis talk: John McEnroe just sold a 1 bedroom co-op in the Beresford, 211 Central Park West, for $3.1 million
  • Another day, another camera retailer sells a $4.2 million Gravesend home to someone with a Sephardic-sounding name
  • @nyc311 @nycrecords @True_Urbanism $5 to look up the block/lot!?!?! You can do it in about 20 seconds here!
  • What's this new ACRIS coming soon? Reporters who peruse property records are on the edge of our seats! @NYCFinance
  • I am impressed that Sydell managed to keep this deal a secret for almost 5 months before @trdny broke news publicly.
  • Check out this mortgage! Brooklyn-403-28
  • Hey whoa new ACRIS coming!
  • Also: industrial land in Maspeth is really expensive! $39.5 million for a truck terminal
  • $5.2m seems like an awful lot for a few rail-inaccessible low-density vacant parcels in Flushing, no?
  • Site with over 200k sf of residential development rights in Bensonhurt/Boro Park trades hands for $17.5 million
  • If you're willing to live in Brownsville, houses in Brooklyn can still be had for five digit figures:
  • “@gecceusa: New York'ta kimlerin evleri var?Kaca almislar satmislar isimini soyadini arat gor @gecceusa BİZE NE:)
  • Have.
  • RT @mrcruizy: #NajamSehti's documents are REAL.Check document AND then follow this enter File No. 2011000217267
  • ye sab chor hein mulk se bahir paisa para hey.ye mulk se mukhlis nahi hay #NajamSethi. Write Najam Sethi in "party Name
  • @UmarCheema1 @Ahmad_Noorani hope u know abt the property of #najam sethi... have a look here.