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  • This is my favorite GIF ever and someone actually reversed it, lmfao.
  • If you don't have time to read all that self-righteous spew (and I don't blame you) here's the abridged version:
  • @Cyberdemon531
  • @deephunk @vibemagazine
  • SABES QUE ES ESTO NO? — Un hada Ian
  • Frightening that you could genuinely bump into these people in real life.
  • @Hedmuk @Content_FNC what can I say, man's got swag
  • Nice catch. #AsTheCITurns RT @HerrObama: .@TheREALDoxbin Que?
  • .@TheREALDoxbin Que?
  • just got evaluated and scored 6 at
  • #supportadria
  • Everybody get in
  • RT @mrcgp: #donglegate she is a wonderful person.....
  • #donglegate she is a wonderful person.....
  • @1JayMills5 go here bro