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  • entren pá ve
  • entrem pessoal no meu server de minecraft 1.5.2 ip:
  • @PhoenixBRnnf meu servidor sobrevivencia
  • Meu server no minecraft é
  • @juandro98
  • @juandro98
  • @LautaColon me dieron ese, no necesita hamachi
  • Weird, my server Ip keeps changing everyday... Here is today's Ip:
  • CS 1.6 No steam Pd: primera vez que hago un server, si no anda me avisan xD
  • A majority of the devices in my local network wants to connect to but none of them are winning o.O What to do?
  • Giving A Tour of My SMP Server!!! IP:!!!!:
  • @JocQuadrini @FedericoPistone @pedroIeon
  • Everybody i dont know if it works so 19132
  • @andydearn - Then go to when the light is back to solid white try again and submit another diagnostic.
  • @andydearn Please do the following: - In a web browser, go to - Change to enable and click Submit
  • Dog's Smart Toy @ Ramadan
  • vcvxcv
  • Check out this website Marketplace Quote
  • Quien se juega un partidita en cs ip: